Flood News

Darkwood Road has now reopened and school will resume as normal tomorrow, Friday 5th August.  Thank you.


Orama Public School will be non-operational today, Thursday 4th August, due to flooding.  Further updates will be sent later in the day.


In this section any news of floods will be updated as soon as possible during a flood event, usually before 7am.

As of 21st April, 2015 parents will be contacted by a text message if it is necessary for the school to be non operational. If parents have any concerns they should contact Liz on her mobile phone number listed on the top of the contact details sheet issued to families earlier this year. 

The buses cannot travel once the river level at Thora Bridge is above 3.0m. Parents should be mindful that buses will not travel if the forecast suggests there might be an increase in river levels during the course of the day. 

For information on floods in the Bellingen/Thora area:

  • Please ring the SES on 66551188 for information on road & bridge closures.
  • Please click on the link to the Bureau of Meteorology site. Go to NSW, Flood warnings and also check out the mid north coast radar. http://www.bom.gov.au